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My surgeon inserted a feeding jejunostomy. The patient had a combonation of gastrostomy and j tubes in through the same tube but the j tube part clotted up frequently so a separate feeding j tube was placed. Code 44015 is an add-on code and I cannot find a code other than that to use. He did not do any other procedure... Can anyone suggest another code? Thanks :eek:
My doctor does this sometimes and he chose code 44300 as the correct code. He always calls it a jejunostomy feeding tube and I can never find one that describes the correct placement method since it is not percutaneous.

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We also bill code 44300, for open j-tube placement. I always question my self too when choosing this code b/c it doesn't state jejunostomy tube, but I checked in the General Surgery Coding Companion 2008 and the lay description states "The physician places a tube in the small bowel for feeding....via open approach."