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I am interested in becoming certified in interventional radiology, but AAPC does not have a specialty cert for this. Where do I go for this??
AAPC is beta testing the CIRC exam (Certified Interventional Radiology Coder) at the National conference in Orlando.

Although I'd love to do it myself, I'm going to leave well enough alone at this point . . .

Here is one of the emails I've received. Hopefully since I can't/won't take it at this point you can . . . and let me know how well you do!

"AAPC to Launch Interventional Radiology Credential
Beta testers wanted for exam

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC,, the nation's largest medical coding certification and training association for medical coders, has announced a new credential for Interventional Radiology coding: Certified Interventional Radiology Coder (CIRC).

Those wishing to demonstrate their expertise in this complex area of medicine can participate in a 5 ½ hour free beta exam held at AAPC's National Conference in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, June 8 (7:00am).


Have 2 or more years practical experience coding IVR
Obtain membership with AAPC (if not already a member)
Be present at the testing site (June 8, at the Orlando Conference -- registration not required)
Provide exam feedback to proctors

Those meeting the above requirements and wishing to participate in the free beta exam on June 8 should contact Carrie Severson, in the AAPC Education Department, in order to receive the application for this exam.

Carrie Severson, BSN, CPC, CPC-H
Phone: 801-236-2200 Ext. 123
Thanks for the info. I can't make it to Florida, but I look forward to when it will be available.