Intraop colonoscopy for lesion ID and transanal specimen extraction


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I have a question on how exactly this c-scope should be coded.....the patient had a robotic assisted colotomy, polypectomy, with intra-op c-scope and polyp removal. There is one Dr doing the colotomy and polypectomy with another one of my physicians is doing the intra-op c-scope, here is the c-scope op note (shortened version).

An Olympus 190 series colonoscope was introduced per anus and directed through the rectum and colon under videoscopic visualization. I reached the transverse colon where the quality of the bowel prep was very good. I pulled the colonoscope back and identified the India ink and the aforementioned large colon polyp at the splenic flexure. I photo documented the appearance of the polyp. I then left the colonoscope in situ to give Dr. blank an internal frame of reference so that she could make the appropriate incisions in the colon wall.
After Dr. Blank had excised the polyp, placed it within the lumen of the descending colon, and closed the colotomy, I passed the colonoscope across her anastomosis and found it was widely patent. I grasped the specimen using a Roth net.

I was thinking 45378-53, but I'm not sure.