Intraoperative consult - undergoing a hysterectomy


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A patient was undergoing a hysterectomy. The surgeon called my surgeon in for an intraoperative consult regarding adhesions/possible colon mass. My surgeon came in, examined the colon, did not need to do any surgical intervention. He documented/dictated all of this. My question is - do I bill a consult, or do I bill a procedure? I am leaning toward a consult, but a coworker thinks it should be a surgery.
Did he scrub in?

If he scrubbed in, then he MIGHT be considered an assistant surgeon.

If all he did was "take a look" then you're probably looking at 99499 - Unlisted E/M (you can't have a consult without 3 of 3 key elements, and I can't envision that he was able to perform/document that).

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC