Invasive tumor vs In-Situ


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A breast specimen has invasive tumor in three cores biopsies and in-situ carcinoma in two other core biopsies. I doing coding for pathology and we only submit one DX for a specimen. Should I code the invasive tumor and not the in-situ carcinoma?

I would go with the "invasive" in this case.
But, am wondering why you only code one dx per specimen?

If this same specimen showed other breast conditions, you would not code them?
I'm wondering also - why only one dx? why not all dx's that apply? there isn't just "one" biopsy.....
You can submit as many DX's as you want, but in surgical pathology only the first DX counts. You do this to identify your specimen. Remember surgical pathology specimens all fall under 6 different codes (88300, 88302, 88304, 88305, 88307, 88309).