Is CPC required as core credential?

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Good morning. I recently recommended a friend for a Nurse Reviewer position with my employer. She is RN, CRC. this is an HCC department position. My supervisor is saying that she has to have CPC credential. To my knowledge, it is not required to have CPC as core credential from AAPC. I myself am COC. I don't have CPC. I really think they would be missing out on an awesome employee if they pass on my friend who has all the desired knowledge base.


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AAPC doesn't require a person to hold a CPC before earning other credentials. However, an employer could chose to make it a requirement for a specific position.

It's hard for me to speculate why the employer wants a CPC for the position - it's possible that they want the person hired to have knowledge of CPT codes for some reason? The CRC credential only covers diagnosis coding. Or they may just not be well-versed on what the CRC credential is, given that you said it is an HCC department position?

It definitely sounds more like an internal requirement for the position though. Perhaps they'd be willing to consider her if she was willing to obtain the CPC within a specified time frame after hire? It could be worth asking, if she's willing.