is intercostal muscle flap billable with as repair of lobectomy

Bristol, CT
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the surgeon created an intercostal muscle flap to buttress the bronchial stump, is this billable with CPT code 15734 or is it included in procedure code 32663. partial op report below.

...The remaining attachments of the fissure were taken down. The bronchus was
circumferentially dissected. The remaining soft tissue attachments were
divided. It was then placed between the jaws of a stapler and the stapler was
clamped down. The remaining lung was inflated to make sure there was no
airway compromise.

We deployed the stapler, and removed the specimen in a protected bag. As part
of our dissection, we had to dissect out the subcarinal lymph nodes to permit
a complete dissection of the lower lobe bronchus.

Hemostasis was obtained throughout the surgical field. The intercostal muscle
at the level of the access incision was taken down thoracoscopically. We then
buttressed the bronchial stump with the intercostal muscle. We tested the
stump under water with a Valsalva maneuver to 25 cm and found it to be