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Spalding, NE
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Coding scenario:

Patient comes in at 8am for therapy drug treatment and per the order it was given as an IVP (96374). Patient leaves and comes back 12 hours later (8pm) to receive the same treatment - drug therapy given by IVP (96374).

If this is coded as 96374 x 2 for the same date of service - the account fails for an MUE edit that states 96374 can only be billed one time per day/encounter. A 59/XE (separate encounter) modifier does not work - the 96374 x 2 still errors out with an MUE. Would we only code 96374 for the service provided at 8m, and then 96376 - IV push same drug to capture the second dose that was given at 8PM?

If you have any references or insight we would appreciate it!

Thank you.