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I need some help on how to bill two IV pushes of the same drug. I been looking all over and I dont get a straight answer. The description for IV push is " each additional sequential intravenous push of a new substance/drug". As you we know its not a new drug, for that reason I dont think I can bill to IV pushes.

Can anybody help me out with this? And I also need a brief explanation as to why or why not I could bill the codes?:confused:

It depends if you are an outpatient hospial setting or a clinic setting. Unfortunately you cannot bill a push of the same drug in a clinic or global setting. Hospital settings you can bill 96376 (which would be an add on to either 96374 or 96375) Per CPT guidelines, you may only use the 96376 IF the drug was administered 31 minutes or longer. Please realize that this is for therapeutic pushes only and not chemotherapy. Hope this helps
Services were performed in office setting. I did see that if you are in a hospital setting or facility you can bill 96376. Since we are in a office setting we can only bill one unit for the push that was done twice for same drug, correct?