IVC filter with PICC line


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Hi mindys,
Please help me to code this senario IVC filter with PICC line.

The patients right arm was prepped and draped in the usual sterile
manner and locally anesthetized with one percent lidocaine. The
right brachial vein was accessed under ultrasound guidance with a
micropuncture set. Exchange was made for a 4 French omni flush
catheter which was advanced to the SVC, inferior vena cava and
into the left iliac vein. Contrast was injected and digital
subtraction angiography was performed of the inferior vena cava.
Measurements were also obtained of intra vena cava.


There is normal venous anatomy, no anomalies are identified. The
inferior vena cava is under 28 mm in diameter. Renal vein inflow
is identified bilaterally.


The Simon nitinol antecubital introducer sheath was advanced into
the inferior vena cava. The Simon nitinol IVC filter was then
deployed below the level of the renal veins. Completion
angiography was performed, demonstrating good filter position
below the renal veins.

An exchange was then made for a 7F peelaway sheath. A 6F triple
lumen lumen Solo Power PICC line, which was cut to 42 cm in length
was positioned with the tip in the upper portion of the right
atrium. The catheter was flushed with Heplock solution, sutured
in place and a sterile dressing applied. No immediate


1. Infrarenal nitinol IVC filter placed via right brachial vein

2. 6 French triple lumen 42 cm long Bard Solo Power PICC left in
place at the puncture site, with tip in upper portion of right
atrium. No immediate complications.


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let's see...75825-59, 75940, 37620, and if the patient is over age 5 I am going with 36569 (PICC).

do you know if the PICC and the filter were placed for different reasons? If they were done for different reasons via 2 separate passes, you could add the 36010 with a 59 on the PICC.
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