Jeanne Walsh CPC-A

San Clemente, CA
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I am an educated professional with a bachelors degree in Health Administration and 11+ years working in administration seeking a position in the Southern California area that will challenge and educate me on a daily basis. I am a dynamic employee, who likes to focus on results and achieve them quickly and efficiently. My experience and overall attitude make me an ideal candidate for a postition within the medical field.
My enthusiasm and work ethic have allowed me to find success in customer service, employee and business process management. I work with a high level of efficiency, both independently and in a team setting. My passion and excitement for my job shines through in every task in which I engage.
I hope to speak to you soon to discuss how I can be of benefit to your department and organization.

Please see attached resume', thank you for your consideration.

Jeanne Walsh, CPC-A


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