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Can anyone tell me how important all of the abbreviations and dates are from the first chapter?
I started studying, but still have not received the 'guidebook' that apparently come in the mail. Are those abbreviations in the study guide? If not, can I put notes in the study guide for all of them? Is that necessary?

Thanks a bunch in advance.
What are the abbreviations? Do you mean like, OIG, UPIC, RAC, BAA, HITECH, etc?
If so, they are very important and you'll need to know what they mean and what they are.
I agree with Amy. It will be important to know and understand the abbreviations in the first chapter of the course textbook. Those abbreviations and programs are the foundation of Compliance and knowing what the programs are is essential to passing the exam.

I'm working through the CPCO course too and plan to take the certification exam in Fall 2023.

I'm anticipating the CPCO to be the hardest AAPC exam out of all the certifications I've done so far. There's no bluffing on the material - either we know it or we don't. It's almost a little terrifying! I only bought one attempt on the exam. Might end up regretting that. :)

By guidebook, do you mean the Physician Practice Compliance Reference Guide? I'm assuming that's what you mean, since it's the only book allowed for the CPCO exam. (That book + the allowed OIG printouts)

You can preview the Table of Contents for the book on the AAPC website and see what kind of information you'll have for reference during the exam: https://aapcperfect.s3.amazonaws.co...8003/e72c710c-36cd-420e-bd4d-d4a8bea77439.pdf

I haven't ordered the reference guide yet, since I'm not planning to take the exam until Fall.

Good luck to you on your exam prep!
Same here ! I "bought" the course when they offered the class free with the purchase of the exam, plan to take it late summer. Looks like we are all in the same boat.. The first chapter is alot of memorization for sure..I take so many notes that sometimes I feel like I am just re-writing the book !