Kentucky Billers and Coders: Incident To question


Liberty Township, OH
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This post is for Kentucky coders and billers:

In Kentucky, does Kentucky Medicaid—Wellcare specifically---recognize and operate under the CMS “Incident-To” requirements? In other words—in Kentucky can a Nurse Practitioner bill “Incident To” a supervising physician when the CMS requirements are met---or--- in Kentucky is the NP required to always bill under his/her individual provider number for his/her rendered services?

We have researched this issue and cannot find any written policy that directly addresses “Incident-To” billing for NPs (or any other providers either) in Kentucky. We have addressed this issue directly in writing with Kentucky Wellcare but have had no reply as of this post.

We would appreciate any input on how providers in Kentucky bill for Nurse Practitioners and if “Incident To” is used.

Thank you.