Knee HELP!!


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Has anyone had this before? Not sure what CPT code to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Diagnostic arthroscopy, no loose bodies lateral or medial gutter, patella capsular, trochlear groove at 45 degrees of flexion. Grade 1 softening of both femoral condyles, the patella, the trochlea and both tibial plateaus stable and left alone. Posterior cruciate ligament and lateral meniscus stable to probing and visualization and completely intact. The anterior cruciate ligament completely torn. It was a mop head type tear that was grossly unstable. There was an incomplete tear of the posterior horn and medial meniscus measuring only 4 mm in length. The tear itself involved the inferior aspect of the meniscus. The decision was made to create vascular access channels in the area of the tear site using an 18 gauge spinal needle to pierce the area of damage meniscal tissue. This was done several times and then the tear itself was then reassessed with a probe and still noted to be stable. The intent was to create vascular access channels to stimulate bleeding and hopefully a healing response. Please note that the Allograft measured 8.5 mm in diameter. Excellent fixation achieved proximally using a 35 mm endo button and distally using a 9 x 35 mm bioabsorbable screw.