Wiki Knee scope vs open ligament repairs

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My doc did an ACL which he says he did arthroscopically and in that procedure, he did grafting of that ligament. He also says he did an LCL repair but with no grafting and wants to code that as 29405 (this signifies and open procedure, right?). And finally, he says he also did a chondroplasty. He wants to code as follows: 29888, 27405 59, and 29877 59. My questions are, how would YOU code these?
Is this okay to code a scope and an open procedure in the same knee?

I thought we couldn't do that. But maybe I was confused by an article I read that stated "Callaway-Stradley adds that if the procedure starts as arthroscopic and must be changed to open, the practice would bill for the highest paying arthrotomy."

I guess the difference is that it wasn't a single procedure that HAD to be switched to an open procedure, but a scope on the anterior part of the knee and an open on the lateral aspect.

thanks for the help.