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Forestville, NY
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Please advise. When a patient comes in to our office, they bring X-rays in that were taken at another facility. Our doctors always do four views total to each knee.........3 view and then standing. We have been billing 73565 and 73562, however the insurance company always bundles these together. We used to bill 73564 in each knee, but we not sure if this is correct and the insurance will deny due to the fact that the patient recently had the same X-rays done at another facility. Do you have any suggestions?? Thank you.
73565 should only be coded if that was the only knee x-ray done. If done with other views, then total the number and code accordingly.
Why are you doing x-rays if the patient brings them? If they were medically necessary because of a change in the patient's condition, or different views, then appeal.