Wiki Laboratory billing question sending out specimen to another lab- Filling out claim


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I work for a lab receiving outside specimen from substance abuse facilities, we will sometimes have to send these tests out to labcorp when we are not able to run the test in-house. We still bill the patients insurance company and we will receive an invoice from Labcorp. I'm confused as to where all of this information should reflect on the claim form. For instance, when we receive specimen from an outside substance abuse facility for bloodwork, we will put our information (our lab as the billing provider box 32.) We will set the service facility (box 32) to the facility that has send us the specimen then the referring provider (box 17) is set to the name of the individual provider who signed off on the req form from the service facility. So when this is the case it is not a problem, but now if we have to send some of those tests out to Labcorp to be run, there would be nowhere left to enter this information. Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)