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If a patient is scheduled to come back to the office for a lab draw what codes can we bill. The patient gets there vitals checked and gets blood drawn which is then sent out to an outside lab to run the test!
You Can Only Bill The Draw Fee 36415. An E&m Would Not Be Appropriate Unless The Patient Was Seen By The Nurse And Vitals Were Done For A Specific Complaint.
something similar was posted before - I don't understand "why" a patient coming in for lab draw only would get their vitals taken? It's never happened to me personally, when I've had lab only - or anyone that I know of. My parents are elderly and go in pretty much bi-weekly for lab only, that's all they get is lab only, no vitals. Why are vitals being taken for a lab only? Especially if the patient was already in and told to come back for (I assume, fasting labs), lab only? I've never coded a "lab only" service with vitals taken and I've coded many many lab only services.

to me the only thing you should be coding are the labs ONLY - and if you're just drawing the blood and sending it out - then only the venipuncture should be coded.
99000 is for when you/your facility physically transfers the specimen from the office to the outside lab. It doesn't apply to send outs for outside labs.
{that's my opinion on the posted matter}