Laceration Repair of Nail


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Any ideas of how to code this? My provider is charging an E/M only but that doesn't seem correct.

- Was working in the trees pruning on the job. *
- He is self employed. *
- Chainsaw slipped and caught his Middle R finger. Went through his ring finger nail as well. *
- Happened about 11:30 this morning. *
- Bled pretty good for awhile. *
- Applied peroxide and a paper towel at the time. *
- Pain is manageable.

Review of Systems
Constitutional: Negative for fever, chills and malaise/fatigue.
Neurological: Positive for weakness (In R hand. ).

Past Medical History
No past medical history on file.

Current Outpatient Prescriptions*
Medication* Sig* Dispense* Refill*
•* lithium 300 mg capsule* Take 3 caps (total dose = 900mg) by mouth nightly at bedtime.* 90 Cap* 6*

No current facility-administered medications for this visit.*



Filed Vitals:*
* 08/30/16 1425*
BP:* 135/83*
Pulse:* 70*
Temp:* 97.3 °F (36.3 °C)*
TempSrc:* Oral*
Resp:* 16*
Height:* 5' 9" (1.753 m)*
Weight:* 188 lb 9.6 oz (85.548 kg)*
SpO2:* 98%*

Estimated body mass index is 27.84 kg/(m^2) as calculated from the following:
* Height as of this encounter: 5' 9" (1.753 m).
* Weight as of this encounter: 188 lb 9.6 oz (85.548 kg).
Normalized BMI data available only for age 2 to 20 years.

BP Readings from Last 3 Encounters:*
08/30/16* 135/83*

Wt Readings from Last 3 Encounters:*
08/30/16* 188 lb 9.6 oz (85.548 kg)*

Physical Exam
Healthy appearing, friendly, alert young male in NAD
Head: Atraumatic.
Eyes: EOM are normal.
Pulmonary/Chest: Effort normal.
Full ROM in right hand in all digits
Normal sensation in all digits
Jagged, macerated laceration in area of dorsal area of DIP joint of 3rd digit, nail laceration to 4th

Assessment and Plan
*Paitient is a 26 year old male here with lacerated fingers. Tissue to macerated for repair. Laceration was anesthetized with 1% lidocaine w/o epi. Irrigated copiously with NS and explored. No signs of tendon or bony involvement. Cleaned and dressed with silvadene, topical antibiotics and pressure dressing. Nail was cleaned and dermabond was applied. Well tolerated. TdAP given. Return precautions given.
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I think the problem is that the provider states no repair was possible. It appears the provider simply cleaned and dressed the wound.