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My physician is performing lap. appendectomies for perforated appendix patients, but he's also doing a laparoscopic drainage of the periappendiceal and peritoneal abscess.
I know the appendectomy is 44970, but what should I use for the drainage since it was done laparoscopic? 49329?
Please help as I'm new to coding surgeries!:confused: :confused:
lap appy

If the drainage is done in the same session as the lap appy then only the lap appy code 44970 is billable unless the case was especially difficult and time-consuming then 44970 with modifier 22 would work along with documentation. Resource- General Surgery Coding Alert Volume 9 #8

Periappendiceal Abscess

Anyone know what code most specific for just coding a drainaige of a periappendiceal abscess?
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Anyone know what code most specific for drainaige of a periappendiceal abscess?
44900 I&D appendiceal abscess, open
49020 Dainage of peritoneal abscess exclusive of appendiceal abscess, open

I do not see lap codes for these 2 codes, so you would have to bill unlisted lap abdomen, 49329 or unlisted lap appendix 44979.

However, I&D bundles into the lap appy.
For a percutaneus "periappendiceal abscess" drainage only, Any suggestions to what code is recommended? This is just a procedure done without at lap.
ICD-9 code Needed

I would like to know the ICD-9 code for Drain appendiceal abscess, open? Thanks