Laparoscopic Procedures

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I need help coding for general surgery/surgical oncologist.

Procedure: Abdominal Laparoscopy Diagnostic, Robotic assisted Laparoscopy Distal Pancreatectomy w/Spleenectomy with Intraoperative Ultrasound converted to hand assist

So my surgeon states he used 5 mm and 8 mm ports to dissect pancreas and spleen.

Attention was turned to upper left quad. Vessel sealer was used to divide short gastrics to the spleen. Next lateral attachments to spleen were divided and the spleen was medialized. Attention was then turned to isolating the splenic artery and vein at he superior aspect of pancreas. Once these vascular structures were isolated, a vascular load endo GIA stapler was used to divide both structures. Next the IOUS was used to isolate the pancreas lesion in the body/tail of the pancreas.
In mobilizing pancreas in preparation of dividing to the right of the lesion, some bleeding was encountered from one of the inferior pancreaticoduodenal vessels, A combination of hemoclips and vascular load of stapler were used to achieve hemostasis. Next another load of the endo GIA stapler was used to divide the pancreas to the right of the lesion. Next the robot was undocked and I scrubbed back into the case. A upper mid line incision was made to remove the distal pancreas and spleen endloc through gelport handport. The specimen was sent to pathology for further eval.

Can I code

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Also if possible I wanted to know what it means to code an Abdominal Laparoscopy Diagnostic CPT 49320