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what would you consider the number 1 coding error that results in loss of revenue for the OB/GYN?
Not billing for the "extra" visits outside the global pkg. If a pt needs to be seen by her OB more than the CPT guidelines for normal, routine,(monthly up to 28 wks, biweekly to 36 wks, and weekly until delivery etc.) they need to be captured and billed. Of course, the diagnosis and documentation in the chart must support the medical necessity of those extra visits.:)
OB Missed Revenue

If a patient switches caresystems/providers during pre-natal care, it is easy to miss those prenatal visits. They can be billed out separately based on the # of visits. It's nice when EMRs have a tracking of these visits since most Global OB packages are billed by the coder when they are notified the Mom or baby is discharged from the hospital. We don't have the luxury and try to manually track the Patient's who present for a New OB visit to check if/when they deliver.