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is there any cpt code for psychairty legal advice?a lawyer came to office and have conversation regarding preparation for court.
Re: Psychiatry Legal Advice and Code

I saw your question concerning Psychiatry and Legal Advice for the Court and thought I may be able to help. Presently, I am a student, and was going through my CPT book to answer questions for my class and came across the code in my CPT Manual, 99075 for "Medical Testimony." I understand that this code has been used for the following situations: Deposition; Deposition Transcription Review; Medical Testimony/ Hour; Full Court Testimony. I hope this helps!
CPT 99075 Clinical Responsibility
The physician is requested to study a situation and offer his or her medical opinion/expertise regarding the facts.

Medical testimony: When a physician or other health professional is asked to review information and provide a medical opinion for use in a court case

Code 99075 includes time and fees associated with record review, travel, conferences/meetings, and medical testimony related to a court case. This is reserved for occasions when a physician's practice reports time spent providing testimony or or making a statement under oath in the judicial system.
Use 99075 to bill lawyers and others for whom the physician provides medically–related depositions or testimony.
The physician must document any time spent related to the case. The time calculation for testimony, deposition, or related work performed in the provider‘s office or via phone is based upon the actual time used for the testimony or deposition."

I handle the legal cases for multiple doctors and I never use CPT codes or diagnosis codes. I created a legal fee schedule and have the attorney/carrier's adjuster sign this and send a retainer invoice with an estimate of hours for records review, time for the attorney conference(s) and deposition/testimony time. We get the retainer up front and then bill for any additional time spent. I have seen rates for $350.00 per hour for review up to $500.00 per hour with testimony rates from $800.00/hour to $2,500/hour with day rates from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00