Question Leveling an E*M for Time for a Resident


True Blue
Modesto, CA
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We are trying to locate definite confirmation on whether or not a resident can level an E&M based on the time component. I have received conflicting information, but I believe that the following is accurate:

1. Under the primary care exception rule - if the resident is rendering a service of 99202, 99203, 99212, 99213 that they can level their service based on time.
2. If the service is 99204, 99214, 99205, 99215, then the only time that can be counted is that of the teaching physician.

Is anyone aware of official documentation either prior to 2021 or after 2021 that gives clear guidance. The only thing that CMS confirmed is that the time rule as to what can be countered for a resident did not change under the 2021 guidelines. Thank you so much for your help!