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Perplexed about coding Lipoma(s) Skin Vs Soft tissue Pre op DX: Massive lipoma lt chest
OP Note: Lt chest prepped and drapped. 27 cm elliptical inc made over subcu lipomatous mass etc etc etc. Path: Tissues: Tissue - Lipoma lt chest.
Diag Imp: Left chest lesion: Atrophic skin with Abundant Benign adipose tissue in subcu tissue.
Thinking it really would be CPT: 21552 however; hosp coded it 11406 telling me that
no dictation states soft tissue. Any help would be appreciated - TIA
Deb, CPC
I agree with the hospital code of 11406. It states it is sub q tissue and doesn't say anything about soft tissue
I'd suggested 21552. Lipoma (fatty tumor) is a soft tissue tumor. Only use the 114** for lesions that generate from the skin itself. A lipoma is formed under the skin.