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I have a patient that had 12 lipoma excised from his arms. All measured 1x1 to 1x2 cm2. CCI has MEU that only allows 5 units. I have been told to add the excised areas together and use 24076 instead of 24075 with 12 units. Any thoughts?
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You cannot add if its separate incisions. If they are scattered under multiple areas you may need to appeal with op notes if over the MUE.
I have the same issue. My provider removed 12 lipomas all under 3cm from 4 separate incisions. Do I bill 4 excision codes <3cm or can I bill 4 excision codes >3cm by adding the sizes of the individual lipomas together?
You also have the option of billing each one on a separate line and adding modifier XS or 59 to each, whichever your carrier prefers.