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My doctor will be out of the office June - Sept and has a physician that will be covering for his patients in our office. Medicare indicates that the locum tenem physician can provide care for 60 days while the physician is out of town, and modifier Q6 would need to be applied to each billed service. Not sure how to address the issue that the time is 4 months of coverage and not 60 days.
If doctor is out longer than 60 days you will need to get provider numbers/credentials as this WILL NOT be a locum situation in that case.

Example taken from Trailblazer: The regular physician goes on vacation on June 30 and returns to work on September 4. A substitute physician provides services to the regular physician's Medicare Part B patients on July 2, and at various times thereafter, including August 30 and September 2. The continuous period of covered visit services begins on July 2 and runs through September 2 – a period of 63 days. Since the September 2 services are furnished after the expiration of 60 days of the period, the regular physician is not entitled to bill and receive direct payment for them. The substitute physician must bill for these services in his own name. The regular physician may, however, bill and receive payment for the services the substitute physician provides on his behalf during the period July 2 – August 30.
This would help your need If any suggestions on this note please post:)
We have a locum tenen that comes in for a few days each month. He can not cover for over a consecutive period of 60 days, but if he works for one week in June, he can come back for a week in July and the 60 day period starts again.