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Hi everyone,

One of our physicians has two practices. One is with a group, the other he does a concierge/geriatric on his own. Recently, he became injured and is not allowed to work for a weeks. He wanted to use some PAs locum tenens on his concierge clinic (the PAs are staffed at the group, not his concierge) but we told him he isn't allowed to do that since LT doesn't apply to PAs/NPs. He is the supervising physician for these PAs at the group clinic.

Has anyone run into this situation before or have any advice on how to bill that? Or would it be a problem if we billed these patients out under his group clinic as just having had a visit with the PA since that is who would be seeing them?

Any input would be appreciated.


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You are correct that a PA or NP cannot be billed as a Locum Tenens. In regards to seeing the physicians patient while he is out on leave the PA can see the patients as long as their is a supervising physician whether in the group or solo practice.

* If the supervising physician is part of the group practice already then he could supervise the PA without being a Locum. You would only need to bill with the modifier to indicate that the services were rendered by a PA.

* If the supervising physician is not part of the group and/or is covering the ill physician as a Locum then you would need to bill with both modifiers for Locum Tenen and PA services.