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Murrieta, CA
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I have been certified since November of last year and still have not found a job I feel that I have exhausted almost all my options and resources to start this career and I am so desperate for a job. I am a single mother struggling to support myself and my daughter. I feel like I may have made a wrong choice with this career path. Please help I need advice .
Graduate student 2018

I'm a student at Bryant Stratton for medical coding. and starting to gather information and networking for employment, what tips or advice do you have for a grad student.
Looking for a medical coding job

I recently passed the CPC exam in May and have been searching since then for a job in this field. It seems like everyone wants 2-5 years experience, however are you supposed to get experience if no one is willing to hire and train? I am also applying for jobs in the medical field whether it be secretarial or office assistant to try and get my foot in the door but I feel like I have exhausted all resources. My previous job closed the department I was working in so I decided to take a chance at a new career path and now feel a little discouraged. Any ideas would be much appreciated!!!