Looking for remote outpatient coding jobs


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Fargo, ND
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I have worked as an outpatient coder for 3 years. I am CPC certified and also ICD-10 certified as well. The outpatient Experience I have is coding mammograms, labs, bone densities, pulmonary diagnostic reports, X-rays, MRI, CT, Neuro and Ultrasounds. I am also familiar with using 3M Encoder. I also have an associates degree in Health Information Technician.

I took a break and went back to school for another dream I wanted to fulfill, and I now have a good job. But to be honest, I miss the coding field and I very much would like to come back. I am having difficulty getting hired to work remotely eventually I will relocate. Even if there is something even part time or per diem, I am willing to take. Anyone know of anything please help. Thanks. Tiffany