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If I pass my CPC exam 9/1/12 I am looking into Auditing. I have done some research and it seems that you need an Associates Degree. I have been in the Medical field for over 20 years and presently doing referrals for 7 providers of a multispeciality practice. I could really use some advice on where I need to go if I pass. I went through Penn Foster and earned my certificate for Health Information Management. Are there any online courses just for auditing? My email is Please put in subject box from AAPC some I will not delete it. Any help I would mean more than you could imagine.

Lisa Poandl
Degree requirements vary by employer. All will require about 5 years coding experience, some will require auditing experience.

You want to have that coding experience to succeed. Passing the test is not a substitution for experience. I believe you can't register for the AAPC test without the experience.

I think NAMAS is who is endorsed by the AAPC.