Wiki Lumbar I&D w/placement of VAC dressing?


Apex, NC
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Surgeon wants to bill 22015, lumbar incision & drainage, open of deep abscess lumbar. Patient is s/p laminectomy & fusion. Op note states "Inspection of the incision was performed. There was evidence of wound dehiscence with already formation of granulation tissue deep to the skin level. The fascia and the intermediate Scarpa's fascia/fatty layer appears to have healed well. There was evidence of bleeding bed at both sides of the wound. There was no evidence of discharge or purulent fluid. There was no foul odor. Wound measured 7 cm in length 2cm in the maximum width area and 1.75 cm in maximum depth area. At this time the decision was made to proceed with VAC dressing and closure of surgical incision through secondary intention. Closure through primary intention was not felt to be optimal since the wound has likely been dehisced for about 2-3 weeks. Multiple liter irrigation performed of the surgical wound. Silver nitrate VAC dressing was applied. There was good suction without evidence of leak."

22015 doesn't seem appropriate to me since he didn't make an incision, and was thinking of 10060 or 10140 or 12020 or 12021 maybe with 97605? I'm stuck. Any input would be appreciated!