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My providers are asking the M-Chat questions to parents with toddlers. Is there a code to bill for this, or is this just part of the history of the exam?
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When the doctor has the parent(s) fill out the 20 question paper work we code 96110 so far UHC, Medicaid, and Mcare are the only insurances to pay. It is so weird that medicaid pays (and are the highest) but the blues don't.

I hope this helps
coding M-chat cpt 96110

Depending on the insurance company I do receive reimbursement for cpt 96110. Make sure you are appending a modifier -59 on cpt 96110. The office visit also needs to have a modifier -25. Coventry Health Care will bundle the serivce is I do not append the correct modifier.
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MCHAT and Mod 25

I recently read on the AAP website that when a provider does the MCHAT during a PE, a modifer 25 should be used on the OV code. I have never seen a modifier 25 used on codes 99381-99385.

Anyone familiar with this?
We use CPT code 96110 for the M-CHAT. I have tried to append modifier 25 to the well child visits per the 2008 AAPC Pediatric Coding book I purchased but have not received any payments on these services. All the insurance carriers are rejecting as a bundled service. I am in the process now of trying to appeal this with the help of the AAPC.