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I am trying to develop a self audit guide for my home health orgainzation and I've done a good job so far. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time developing a self audit for the home health coding because....I don't do the coding so I can't really develop a concrete audit plan for what I should and should n't concentrate on.

If anyone out there has some good ideas for my audit guide and how to incoporate the Oasis questions, diagnosis and H&P I would definately appreciate it.

I basically am looking to have the audit tool say things like..
Were all the diagnosis included from the H&P into the coding? [y] [n]
Was the chart upcoded in any way [y] [n]

I am looking to have this tool be comprehensive so any help would be appreciated.


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I use Intelicode Auditing Software you can do a complete chart audit setting the critieria that you want to capture.

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