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Manipulation and Acupuncture

Bridgeport, CT
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Hi I have a chiropractor that also does acupuncture on the same day as a manipulation. I am curious to know how people are billing these two codes together. I have gotten it paid (might not always be correct) with a modifier 59 on the 97810. I have also been told to put a 51 on the 98940 which to me is incorrect. I would love some input from people who code for chiropractors that provide both services together. a typical claim would look like this for me

thank you for your help!


True Blue
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There is no NCCI edit between the two codes so no -59 modifier should be required unless they payer has a custom edit. 51 is for multiple surgery reduction but that would not apply i this case since they are not surgical codes. Plus if they surgeries, payers want you to leave 51 off and to let them apply for the 50% multiple surgery reduction