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Pt has Medicare, had WWE w/pap last year. Pt has hx of leukemia, failed chemo, full body radiation. Does this put her at high risk??? What dx code would it be? V15.89/V15.3/
V10.60?k OR V76.49/V10.60/V15.3? :confused:
This info is from Medicare's site:
Women are considered to be at high risk for cervical cancer if they:
• Engaged in sexual activity before the age of 16;
• Had multiple sexual partners (more than 5 in a lifetime);
• Have a history of a sexually transmitted disease (including the human papillomavirus and/or HIV infection);
• Had fewer than 3 negative Pap tests within the previous 7 years
If your patient is considered high risk with these your dx would be V15.89. In that case she can be seen yearly for her pap.