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I haven't been reading much on meaningful use but now coding is involved, I think, so I better get on it. The software lead at my clinic has told the pediatricians that they have to code 97802(nutrition) S9451(physical activity) with the well baby/child checks in order to be eligible for incentive money. As a coder, my ears prick up when I hear words like "always" and other blanket words. She also explained that supporting documentation is included in the template for WCC's. What is this about? I researched but couldn't come up with the need for these else is coding involved with this program?
If you go to the CMS website, it spells out all the requirements for meaningful use and yes, that one is in there about their notes containing info. on nutrition and exercise. We haven't been coding it, per se, but I have been making sure the practitioners are adding that into their note. Our state meaningful use rep said that this was okay.
where, on the CMS web site, is this info? I tried looking but couldn't find...