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Hi all. I'm looking for clarification on measure #251 for the breast receptors. It's my understanding 3394F and/or 3395F can either be added if both the HER2 and the estrogen/progesterone receptors are evaluated. If only the HER2 is evaluated is it sufficient to add 3394F to meet the measure? Or if just the non-HER2 is evaluated, is 3395F sufficient to meet the measure? I've read the guidelines and I think one or the other is acceptable. And both measures can be used if both evaluations are done. Thanks in advance!!!!
For #251: Performance Met (3394f) = having reported HER2 by IHC; so i.e. in our practice, when we are reporting the 88361 code for HER2 by IHC. Typically, when the HER2 by IHC is being run, we're also getting results for ER/PR but I don't see the point of using the 3395f (denominator exclusion) in addition to 3394f.
We will report 3395f (denominator exclusion) on the cases where only ER/PR testing is done (no HER2 by IHC). Hope this makes sense.

This resource has a nice flow chart included.