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Trying to bill both codes, G is for MCR and the 99375 was suppose to work for MCD
Cerftification & Survey for Home Care Cert and Plan Of Care. Neither are getting paid. Does anyone know what I should you use for Medicaid?? We are having a hard time with this. Does anyone know if they do pay for this at all?

Thanks a ton!!!!:confused:
In North Carolina Medicaid will pay G0180 but ONLY if Medicare is primary and paid. (Sometimes Medicare doesn't pay if the patient is in a global period.)

You are supposed to use either 99374 or 99375 for billing to Mediciad or commercial insurances but those codes are time-based.
I tried billing 99374 for one of my doctors (after I went through explaining the whole time thing and Medicaid still did not pay! After awhile he quit dictating his time and I quit charging it.) and never had any luck getting it paid.
Usually I have no problem with Medicare paying it though.