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My dream of passing my exam to become a Certified Professional Coder came true on April 2007, the down fall of this dream was waking up to the reality that there are hardly few facilities that are willing to give you a chance to start your new career. Project Xtern is a great way to get it going but due to it being so new and the high volume of new coders coming on the market we are stuck on the waiting list in hopes to get an interview let alone the job.
I know there is a high risk of hiring an intern to do a daily duty with no hands on experience but how else are we suppose to get this ball going if no one is eager to even try to catch it? I know there is a lot of work in this field, I have followed it since 2001 when I first stumbled upon it by working as a temp at Kaiser Permanente, back then I did not realize how interesting, fun, challenging, and motivating this career could be let alone the great pay of course. Now that I am actual coder I feel stuck with a titlle due to the lack of hands on experience I need to get hired.
If there is anyone out there that knows of a company,MD office, or self employed Coder that is located in the San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles county please give me a chance to begin my career!!! I can work from 8am - 12pm Monday - Thursday and weekends if needed.
Thanks for reading :)
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I am wondering about the same problems. I have not yet begun the actual coding studies; I am just now in Medical Terminology. One piece of advice given to me by a CPC in a physician's office is to volunteer for doctor's offices, hospitals, etc without pay just to get some experience. Or perhaps you could arrange to review some coding work (sort of as a double-check) and get experience that way.

I recently had the significant other of an area urologist give me encouragement about the field. She said if I became discouraged just to talk to her 'other'. He has to do all his own coding for hospital work and feels it is a growing career field.

Good luck!
thank you

Thanks a lot for the encouragement!
I have tried every thing possible to get someone to open their door to me but nothing comes up. I'll keep trying though!

Thanks again!
Externship advice

I have found in my experience that my school's networking capability to find me a decent externship was crucial... I had to fight to get the one I got...and it was worth it!

Don't give up! Have you looked into coding at home? I have been meaning to research that one... I mean, I think someone has to give you a chance... but might as well investigate it!

To GEMINIMOMX3 - make sure your school finds you a decent internship/externship! Don't let them give you any lines!

Best wishes to you both,
When I started my coding career I was actually not coding at all! I got my foot in the door by accepting a positioin in patient registration for a hospital. From there I moved to a billing position where I learned a lot about payors. A coding position opened up and because my foot was already in the door I slid right in. This may seem like a long road but I gained some invaluable experience and knowledge along the way. Good luck and Merry Christmas!