medical E&M with preventive E&M same day


Spring Hill, FL
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I know the CPT allows for a problem oriented E&M that is encountered and requires further work up, at the time a prevetive exam is being done. The provider should bill with two separate notes. What I am questioning is : if the patient is schedualed for a sick visit, follow up for medical condition, can the physician also bill for a preventive visit just because the patient is due for one? CPT only comments on the preventive visit and addressing a problem at that time. Would you bill for both?
No. I would not bill for both. If the patients reason for visit is preventive and the Doctor comes across something with the patient, then you would bill preventive plus an EM with modifier 25 but I don't believe that it works the other way around.

I would treat the patients condition and schedule them for a preventive appointment for another time.