Wiki medical meniscus with hardware removal

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i am wondering if I can bill 29881,29875,20680

Incision was made with #15 blade scalpel to the skin, both anteromedial and anterolateral portal sites. The scope was introduced into the lateral portal site and diagnostic arthroscopy was performed which did visualize extensive synovitis as well as tear of the medial meniscus. Blunt trocar was used to make an entry site for the anteromedial portal and the shaver was introduced. Extensive synovectomy was then performed with arthroscopic shaver. The ACL was visualized and was intact. Lateral joint was visualized as well. No meniscal tear or other pathology was noted. Medial compartment did show a medial meniscal tear which was debrided with arthroscopic biters and arthroscopic shaver. Hardware was also removed with arthroscopic raspers from the previous meniscal repair. Once the meniscectomy had been performed, the meniscus was probed and found to be stable. The knee again was visualized in all three compartments and noted to be free of majority of the synovitis.