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Can anyone tell me if there is a law (not a clinic policy) that states the time frame for completion of the medical record (from date of service to data entry time). I realize you may still bill insurance companies according to their policy; however, is their a time constraint before you bill?
if you are at a hospital, the chart with all of the dictation, coding, etc. must be complete and the medical records must be filed away within 30 days after discharge. different insurance companies have different time limits for filing purposes but at times you can fight the timely filing if you can prove you originally filed it within their deadline. which are you needing? I have the Rules & Regulations that pertain to my hospital (Critical Access Hospitals) that states the time frame for discharge summaries, history & physicals and op notes for inpatient's and procedures. For billing purposes you would need to go by the insurance companies rules and regulations.
Good Question, does this also pertain to office visits? Do you have any websites that can show legally how long a physician has to document the medical records. Thanks....:D