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I'm in the process of creating a template in order to review an Ophthalmology/Optometry group. I've found very limited information as most of the available information is only for member access. Does anyone know where I could locate a standard audit form or possibly someone willing to share a copy of their review forms (fax # 847-783-0599)

Need to make sure I'm not missing anything as this is not my primary specialty... As an example, starting with the basic Visual Acuity- These are the things I'm looking for in a record... is there anything else needed and/or not?
1) Right and left measurements (e.g. 20/20, 20/20-2, etc)
2) Distance vs. Near distinction
3) With ‘cc' or without ‘sc' refractive correction
4) Correction: Glasses, Contacts
5) Testing method (e.g. Snellen-Linear)

Any help is greatly appreciated.. Thank you, GZ