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Bordentown, NJ
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Good morning all. I am extremely frustrated. Maybe someone can offer some guidance. We are a dentist office that deals with Medical. We are a non-par Medicare DME supplier for medical oral appliances. I have told our staff and provider repeatedly that they cannot have every medicare patient sign a blanket ABN form. I have told them I will fill out any needed ABN's and give it to them to for the patient to select an option and sign after they explain it to them. I work from home. They are refusing to listen and are telling me to just not use the form if I don't need it. I told them that's not the way it works. They are even having aetna Medicare patients fill them out. Also because I'm not entering all the info as to why the appliance won't be paid, half the forms aren't even filled out properly. I've already sent them an article on this but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Where do I go from here?
If I were you, I'd talk to the chief officer of compliance regarding the situation. Explain to her why this is a wrong practice and should not be done, then exaggerate what can happen if Medicare finds out what we are doing. If it doesn't get fixed after every trial, I would move on to other offices, and an anonymous letter will be sent to Medicare because I don't want to get involved in such an inappropriate situation.