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I need to get all info, for a meeting I have to be at, on Medicare annuals. I also need to know what needs to be documented. (I have providers who want to see documentation that the note has to state that it is a Med. annual) Anyway, can someone direct me to information I can take into this meeting. I need to have all my ducks in a row. :eek:

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Jeanne, CPC
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First off Medicare does not cover annual exams (exp Physicals), except for the only and only IPPE (Welcome to Medicare physical) which is only good upto 1 year from the Part B enrollment date. Also they cover a pap and brest exam once every 2 years for non-risk patients.

However if you are talking about the anuual wellness exam (it is acutally a screening, not a head to toe physical) that started in Jan 2011. I found all the information I needed in the CMS manual at the cms website wellness visits. (This is an adobe format which is download the entire manual). It is important to educate the physicians between the IPPE and the annual wellness exam. Hope this helps.

Kathy Wilson, CPC
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