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I was asked by one of our physicians to explain in more detail what is all included within a G0101- Breast and Pelvic Exam.
For starters, our physicians see quite a few Medicare patients for breast and pelvic exams and up to this point have been billing the G0101 only but also ordering mammograms, lab orders, and/or monitoring previous stable conditions.
I have tried doing quite a bit of research but unable to find an exact answer for this question through Medicare guidelines. Is anyone able to help with this?
Wondering- if it is okay to bill for E&M code in addition to G0101 when provider performs the above-mentioned services?

Thank you in advance!
per CMS NCD on pap and pelvic:
A screening pelvic examination (including a clinical breast examination) should include at least seven of the following eleven elements:

  • Inspection and palpation of breasts for masses or lumps, tenderness, symmetry, or nipple discharge.
  • Digital rectal examination including sphincter tone, presence of hemorrhoids, and rectal masses. Pelvic examination (with or without specimen collection for smears and cultures) including:
  • External genitalia (for example, general appearance, hair distribution, or lesions).
  • Urethral meatus (for example, size, location, lesions, or prolapse).
  • Urethra (for example, masses, tenderness, or scarring).
  • Bladder (for example, fullness, masses, or tenderness).
  • Vagina (for example, general appearance, estrogen effect, discharge lesions, pelvic support, cystocele, or rectocele).
  • Cervix (for example, general appearance, lesions, or discharge).
  • Uterus (for example, size, contour, position, mobility, tenderness, consistency, descent, or support).
  • Adnexa/parametria (for example, masses, tenderness, organomegaly, or nodularity).
  • Anus and perineum
  • _______________________________________
this is called the 7 out of 11 rule.
yes and E/M can be billed with G0101, but it only if there is a "separately and signaficantly identifiable service" above and beyond the p&p.