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Marceline, MO
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Currently, I am coding for three behavioral health providers, one of which is an LPC. Currently, Medicare does not reimburse for any LPC billing. -There is a current bill out to get this updated and get more help for Medicare patients with more provider options within behavioral health.- However, I am working on researching if I can still bill Medicare for the LPC codes to then be able to bill the patient's secondary insurance.

Example: The patient has Medicare primary and Medicaid secondary. If I were to bill out a 90832, GY (since I know that Medicare does not cover this type of provider ), could I then bill this claim out to Medicaid after the Medicare denial is received?
- The provider I am currently questioning this on is currently contracted with Medicaid and most all other insurances.

If there are any responses to this thread, please, could you also leave any type of links/resources that I can follow as well to help expand my knowledge?