Medicare re-enrollment - how and when?


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Do you need to re-enroll in Medicare? If so when and where do I do it? Also do they have training for rookie coders. I've been coding for a little over a year and need help with Medicare and Medicaid.
Many providers needed to re-enroll to Medicare, and there were multiple reminders sent out to the providers. Some people said it was easy and could be done online, but for more complex situations (multiple providers, multiple locations, etc.) it was easier to call the Provider Line and have them walk you through the application. I will say one of my clients had all kinds of problems when Medicare didn't process the application correctly. It took quite a few phone calls to finally get it straightened out (although that client now has 5010 problems).

CMS/Medicare offer extensive online resources to assist with billing and coding. Is there something specific you are looking for?

State Medicaid programs vary. Which state are you in?