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Has anyone else had trouble trying to find information on the new Medicare website since National Government Services took over? Currently I am looking for the Medicare reimbursement for Pneumovax 90732 and Flu 90658. Can't find it on the website and when I called Medicare the person I spoke with couldn't find it. She connected me with a "level 2" rep and I have been on hold for 45 mins waiting for someone to answer. HELP!
Blondie - Medicare (at least in MN) covers the flu vaccine once per flu season (offered in the Fall & Winter), and the Pneumococcal vaccine once in a lifetime. (It may cover additional pneumococcal vaccinations based on risk of the individual).

You use the V04.81 for flu with G0008 admin
the V03.82 for Pneumo with G0009 admin

HOWEVER - if they're given both vaccines at the same visit you use the V06.6 for both flu/pneumo and the G0008 & G0009.

hope this helps a bit -
good luck finding your info on the site!

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